Short recapture of a stupid dream


They said I was asleep.
Yeah, yeah, I was sleepy enough to believe the bastards.
That was long ago.

This very moment I am unable to imagine
I once fell for the crap they presented me.

They are speaking ‘metaphysical truth’
but their language is far from consistent:
empty words are covered up with other ones.
That is: if they are advanced enough
for such bullshit
cause most of the times it is even worse
and then they label it: ‘simplicity’.

All the time they presume clear-sightedness
for what is only a belief, shared with befriended believers;
the arrogance thus shown is remarkable.

Their belief says the world is just an illusion
and the one who sees that is ‘who you really are’.
Yeah, give the dog it’s bone and it will stop barking.

‘Truth is silent’ and ‘All is One’ we read in their domain
where bogus rules and concrete criticism is denied.

Off course, all the phoneys have a right to live
( according to their own theory )
but I can’t stand explanations like:
‘All is One cause everything is interconnected’.
What is one doesn’t need connection assholes!

‘Truth is not what you think’
they think simultaneously.

They once made me mad
but serve me a great laugh nowadays.



Over Joost Lips
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